See the Rules before Joining.

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See the Rules before Joining.

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:58 am

1. No Abusing words are allowed at any cost. All members must respect each others.
2. Those Members, who can take interest and can take actively part in it, can Join. Members of this community should be active.
If that are new to the market and doesn’t know anything, they can post their query in the forums at least.
3. Unnecessary postings or advertisings not allowed which are not subject to the market.
4. Those members found to be doing inappropriate behavior or activities may be removed/banned from this community.
5. There is no responsibility of any members/owners/moderators if there is loss due to recommendations or any tips posted by them.
6. Those will break any of the above mentioned rules may be remove/banned by the owners/moderators of this community.
7. And the very important is that the above rules may change time-to-time depending on the condition of the community or behavior of the members.


You can post recommendations, market news, everything, which concern with the market.

you can post your own stock market community links here for our members to join in your community, but you have to be very active here- replies to the query posted by members, your view for market, news, scripts, etc.
*Unnecessary/Unlimited spam for your community/business will let you remove from this community as warning, and finally banned you.


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